From your Fellow Owls

Temple alumni and the greater Temple family are excited to share some well wishes and advice for your future.

Messages for the Class of 2020

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  • Purpose is powerful. The work one puts his or her hands to with purpose attached, becomes charged, activated and often deeply meaningful. Purpose-filled acts can change lives, move communities and alter the course of history.Read the entire message.
    Ms. Lauryn Hill
  • Warmest Congratulations, make your self proud, make Temple proud! I am sure this is not the graduation you imagined but better and easier days will come. I still remember my days at Temple with a smile. I hope you will always have the same warm feeling about our school!
    Eleni Iacovides, TFM, 1983
  • This year's commencement may be anything but usual - just know you are welcomed to a huge supportive Temple Alumni network and we're hear for you! Stay #TEMPLETOUGH
    Kimberly Bryant, CLA, 1997
  • Congratulations College of Science and Technology 2020 CHEMISTRY graduates! It is an honor to be a fellow graduate. This is a great time to be a scientist, and I am proud that we all have the privilege of serving the world as such! I wish you all the best in the future! #ChemGrad2020
    Brandon Presley
  • Congratulations to the Temple University Class of 2020! A special shout out to our daughter, Christy Nichols, who is graduating as a Chemistry major from the College of Science and Technology! We know how hard she worked and are very proud of her! She had a wonderful experience at Temple.
    Barb Nichols
  • To the BSW graduates: CONGRATS! You have all worked so hard and are so passionate about helping others, inside and outside of the classroom. Communities everywhere are going to benefit from having such kind and empathetic social workers like you all!
    Isabel Camarillo
  • Congrats to Stephanie Fallon - founding Chapter President of A Moment of Magic! Thank you for bringing the magic of this non-profit onto this campus & into our lives! We can't wait to see all of the amazing things ahead of you! "Long live all the magic we made..." Love, your AMOM family!
    Mary Naughton
  • As a returning Adult student, in the Fall of 94, as I started my third year at Tyler School of Architecture, I met another returning Adult student who is an amazing designer ... the following summer in August I married this amazing person. This summer we're celebrating 25 years together, Debra!!
    William Davis, TYL, 1997
  • Congratulations from the staff at the Wellness Resource Center! Well done class of 2020!
    Corinne Austen
  • You guys have gone through what was probably the most difficult semester of your entire time at Temple. And, you made it!! Congratulations on your fortitude, persistence, and hard work. I wish you the best of everything as you enter the next leg of your journey.
    Barbara Ferman
  • Congratulations!! It's been hard especially on you all, but you all are very strong. Your achievements won't go unnoticed, we look up to you. Just remember this is just another obstacle because you all are going to big places. Class of '22 is proud of you, see you later class of '20!!
    Temple Class of '22

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